Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Well, this just in: You Can Start Painting the Bottom of Your Shoes Scarlett

I know all of you are somewhat aware of the lawsuit that Louboutin had against Yves Saint Laurent, alleging that they stole “their thing” which is of course having the red sole on all of their shoes. Well, today a NY judge refused to grant a preliminary injunction against YSL.

So basically, Louboutin can go cry in a corner, because not only can YSL produced shoes with red soles, so can every other shoe manufacturer out there, no matter how low quality. Hello, knock offs am I right?

The court said that “Because in the fashion industry color serves ornamental and aesthetic functions vital to robust competition, the court finds that Louboutin is unlikely to be able to prove that its red outsole brand is entitled to trademark protection, even if it has gained enough protection in the market to have secondary meaning.” (NYTIMES)

The lawsuit was too broad and to be honest, they can’t really say, “No you can’t use that colour” to YSL, just because Christian Louboutin has red soles on all of their shoes.

Sorry about your luck CL, but fashionistas everywhere will be able to tell the difference and true fans will shell out the 1K+ price to buy a pair of truly fab shoes.

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