Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Red Pants? Not Like This.

I've heard it over and over this season, "Replace your tired black skinnies with red ones!" and during a recent shopping trip I discovered that my bottom will not cooperate with this trend, so this blogger will have to remain in her "tired black jeans".

I wasn't upset about it for too long, I mean if this is what I'm missing out on then I'm saving myself a lot of trouble.

Now at this point I'm not sure if I hate these pants, or if I hate them on her.

The pants to me seem to be hitting at an awkward spot on her leg, kind of like she bought them too short so she bunched them up at the knee to make it look like they were supposed to be like that. I mean, the whole pant itself looks bunched up and that is not aesthetically pleasing for this girl right here.

I don't like the fabric, I don't like how it looks bunched up and dear lord, I don't like that crochet sweater with it, and even though those shoes are Prada... I don't know. This outfit doesn't scream Vogue's Top 10 Best Dressed to me, but apparently Vogue thinks otherwise.

At least Mila Kunis was on the list too, to even out some of the dreckitude.

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