Saturday, 13 August 2011

Ali Lohan, Future Face of Fashion?

This just in, Lindsay’s little sister Ali has scored a modelling contract with NEXT Models. Now we’re not sure if she scored this on her own, or if Dina has had a heavyhand in securing this for her next daughter. For Ali’s sake, let’s hope that Dina has no hand in her career (let’s take a look at Lindsay).

Ali Lohan will be modeling along side faces like Miranda Kerr and Karlie Kloss at NEXT and she is being “touted as the future face of fashion.” (TELEGRAPH)

Alexis Borges, Director, Next Los Angeles told that, “In fashion, Ali will set herself apart as a bona fide icon. One that fashion fans will follow not because of her famous last name, but because of the beautiful images and fashion trends she is helping create.” (TELEGRAPH)

I’m not quite sure how Ali Lohan’s career will go over. To be honest, when I look at her face I’m not seeing high fashion, or commercial. I just hope that she can stay on the straight and narrow and work professionally without her mother involved.

Stay at home Dina, fashion doesn’t need you pissing around in yet another industry that you know nothing about.

Welcome to the club, Ali.

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