Saturday, 13 August 2011

Ali Lohan, Future Face of Fashion?

This just in, Lindsay’s little sister Ali has scored a modelling contract with NEXT Models. Now we’re not sure if she scored this on her own, or if Dina has had a heavyhand in securing this for her next daughter. For Ali’s sake, let’s hope that Dina has no hand in her career (let’s take a look at Lindsay).

Ali Lohan will be modeling along side faces like Miranda Kerr and Karlie Kloss at NEXT and she is being “touted as the future face of fashion.” (TELEGRAPH)

Alexis Borges, Director, Next Los Angeles told that, “In fashion, Ali will set herself apart as a bona fide icon. One that fashion fans will follow not because of her famous last name, but because of the beautiful images and fashion trends she is helping create.” (TELEGRAPH)

I’m not quite sure how Ali Lohan’s career will go over. To be honest, when I look at her face I’m not seeing high fashion, or commercial. I just hope that she can stay on the straight and narrow and work professionally without her mother involved.

Stay at home Dina, fashion doesn’t need you pissing around in yet another industry that you know nothing about.

Welcome to the club, Ali.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Well, this just in: You Can Start Painting the Bottom of Your Shoes Scarlett

I know all of you are somewhat aware of the lawsuit that Louboutin had against Yves Saint Laurent, alleging that they stole “their thing” which is of course having the red sole on all of their shoes. Well, today a NY judge refused to grant a preliminary injunction against YSL.

So basically, Louboutin can go cry in a corner, because not only can YSL produced shoes with red soles, so can every other shoe manufacturer out there, no matter how low quality. Hello, knock offs am I right?

The court said that “Because in the fashion industry color serves ornamental and aesthetic functions vital to robust competition, the court finds that Louboutin is unlikely to be able to prove that its red outsole brand is entitled to trademark protection, even if it has gained enough protection in the market to have secondary meaning.” (NYTIMES)

The lawsuit was too broad and to be honest, they can’t really say, “No you can’t use that colour” to YSL, just because Christian Louboutin has red soles on all of their shoes.

Sorry about your luck CL, but fashionistas everywhere will be able to tell the difference and true fans will shell out the 1K+ price to buy a pair of truly fab shoes.

Revlon Picks Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde

Revlon has recently signed two new faces; Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde.

Stone and Wilde have been everywhere this summer. Both have two movies out this summer and both have been on almost every single magazine cover this year, so you know that their faces are marketable.
What I want to know, is who do you think will make the better Revlon girl?

For me I think that Wilde will be. She has those crazy cheekbones and she just looks so high-fashion. I mean if she didn’t want to be an actress, she could model, very easily. The only thing is, I feel as though she’s another Megan Fox. Something deep down inside me says that Wilde isn’t going to be a big deal for a long time.

Emma Stone though, seems like she has some staying power, and I feel like more people can relate to her beauty because she has a very All-American face.

Revlon may risk looking a little bit “Covergirl” with Emma Stone, but it’s sure going to be a risk that could produce great results.

What do you think? Emma Stone or Olivia Wilde?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Red Pants? Not Like This.

I've heard it over and over this season, "Replace your tired black skinnies with red ones!" and during a recent shopping trip I discovered that my bottom will not cooperate with this trend, so this blogger will have to remain in her "tired black jeans".

I wasn't upset about it for too long, I mean if this is what I'm missing out on then I'm saving myself a lot of trouble.

Now at this point I'm not sure if I hate these pants, or if I hate them on her.

The pants to me seem to be hitting at an awkward spot on her leg, kind of like she bought them too short so she bunched them up at the knee to make it look like they were supposed to be like that. I mean, the whole pant itself looks bunched up and that is not aesthetically pleasing for this girl right here.

I don't like the fabric, I don't like how it looks bunched up and dear lord, I don't like that crochet sweater with it, and even though those shoes are Prada... I don't know. This outfit doesn't scream Vogue's Top 10 Best Dressed to me, but apparently Vogue thinks otherwise.

At least Mila Kunis was on the list too, to even out some of the dreckitude.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Aaaaand In Completely Pointless Accessories News...

The Body Chain.

Let’s look at an example of one on R&B singer Rihanna:

I know what you’re asking, “But, Cecily? Where is it?” Oh it’s there wrapped around her body. The pointless part about this particular piece of jewelry is that it’s extremely hard for anyone else to see because it’s a thin gold strap.

Not only is it pointless, it’s dangerous! Imagine swimming in that? What if it got caught in something? Not only would your expensive gold chain break, but what if it didn’t break!

Also, tanlines? Hellooo? What a stupid piece of jewelry. I don’t care if Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Rihanna were seen in them. They’re stupid.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Nostalgia: So Pretty Much Everything You Already Had In Your Closet

Remember your first car? The old clunker you bought from the old guy down the street? It could barely get to 60 and when it finally got there it shook like a leaf, but you sure were proud of that thing. Or how about your first kiss? The combination of awkward and awful made the whole experience something that you would never forget.

Nostalgic moments that you look back on and smile about. Moments that happen in your youth, back in the days when you didn’t have to worry about your tuition payment, graduating with your pre-med degree, paying back your student loan, paying your mortgage on time. Back when things were simple, when your life was carefree.

Fashion remembers those moments too, harking back to times when life was simpler and let’s face it; when the economy wasn’t so awful.

This year, high fashion houses like Prada, Miu Miu and D&G are embracing the drama of the 40’s, the romance of the 60’s and the fun-loving carefree festival days of the 70’s.

Fashion is repeating itself, but with more contemporary and modern spins on classics that you could keep in your closet for years to come. High fashion is focusing on investment pieces for the 2011 fall/autumn season because you probably already have something like it what’s walking down the catwalk in a box somewhere in your attic, it just needs to be updated.

Brands like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger have trademarked preppy nostalgia throughout the entire history of their brand, making it a hallmark style that has carried these influential designers throughout each different fashion era. Yet, because preppy nostalgia is simply so classic, it becomes less nostalgic and more timeless. I don’t know about you, but when I think of Tommy Hilfiger, I think about my first pair of designer running shoes. When I think about Ralph Lauren I think about the first polo that I ever bought that was more expensive than the rest of my outfit.

Only warm and fuzzy thoughts over here.

Whether it’s “preppy nostalgia” or simply plain old nostalgia. Nostalgia that reminds you of your old car or nostalgia that let’s you wear your old bell-bottoms and the bohemian style wrap dress that you wore on your way to Woodstock, fashion is trying to remind you of more carefree times.

Missoni is trying to get you back into your flared trousers and Roberto Cavalli wants you to put those old boho crochet cardigans back on, because fashion is getting ready to embrace your previous youthful, carefree lifestyle.