Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Revlon Picks Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde

Revlon has recently signed two new faces; Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde.

Stone and Wilde have been everywhere this summer. Both have two movies out this summer and both have been on almost every single magazine cover this year, so you know that their faces are marketable.
What I want to know, is who do you think will make the better Revlon girl?

For me I think that Wilde will be. She has those crazy cheekbones and she just looks so high-fashion. I mean if she didn’t want to be an actress, she could model, very easily. The only thing is, I feel as though she’s another Megan Fox. Something deep down inside me says that Wilde isn’t going to be a big deal for a long time.

Emma Stone though, seems like she has some staying power, and I feel like more people can relate to her beauty because she has a very All-American face.

Revlon may risk looking a little bit “Covergirl” with Emma Stone, but it’s sure going to be a risk that could produce great results.

What do you think? Emma Stone or Olivia Wilde?

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