Friday, 5 August 2011

Colour Blocking: Yes or No?

A trend that isn’t new that is strutting it’s way back onto the fashion scene is the colour block trend. It’s bright, it’s happy, it’s summer and most importantly, when done properly, it’s extremely flattering.

Colour blocking is not for the faint of heart, if you’re afraid to wear colour, then maybe this isn’t the trend for you, but if you’re a fearless “I’ll wear anything” kind of fashionista, you should be hiking up your pastel pink shorts and tossing on a teal tank top this summer. When white is thrown into the mix as an accessory this summer time trend looks completely finished. It’s handy considering white goes with everything. If you’re feeling daring, toss in another colour, like gold. says that a retrospective look of the Yves Saint Laurent brand last year in Paris, inspired other designers and brands to reintroduce colour blocking (it’s not new by any means, it was popular in the 1970’s first).

Head to toe colour is nothing but trendy this year, so stop wearing your dreary khakis and brighten up your wardrobe.

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