Friday, 5 August 2011

A Love Letter to Fashion

Dear Fashion,

Thank you ever so much, for the maxi skirt. I mean what is there not to love?

 It’s perfectly flattering on almost every single figure imaginable, especially if it’s sitting high on the hips or on the waist. The maxi can be boho, or preppy. Even dressed up to be a little bit more elegant than usual. But you can always bring out your strappy sandals and tank top and wear the same maxi skirt down the street the next day.

 Fashion, it’s as though you’re replacing my favourite pair of jeans and I’m ok with that. It kind of works out for me, since my jeans are a little bit stuffy for a humid Southern Ontario summer.

It’s more convenient and less of a hassle to wear a Maxi skirt than a Mini skirt as well. Especially on a windy day, I don’t have to worry about wearing a large bag to keep my skirt down. Not having to walk down the street with arms firmly placed at my sides is a plus.

Accessorized with a belt, a tank top and a slouchy bag, the Maxi skirt is officially my favourite must-have item in any wardrobe.
For this Fashion, I salute you.

Love Always,


P.S. Mid-calf is also very nice, but will never fill that spot in my heart. Maxi forever.’

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